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Nike Dunk High Collection

The history of the Nike Dunk High

The history of the Nike Dunk High dates back to 1985 when it was originally introduced as a basketball shoe. As part of the Nike College Color Program, the Dunk High followed in the footsteps of its predecessor, the Nike Dunk Low, which was used by college basketball teams across the country. In it’s early years, the Dunk High also experienced great success in skateboarding culture.

Today, this iconic sneaker is still very popular and is known for its ability to deliver uncompromising comfort with a classic look that's ready for any occasion.

The characteristics of the Nike Dunk High

The shoe features a combination of leather, suede, canvas and synthetic leather on the upper. It sits atop a midsole with Zoom Air cushioning for responsive comfort and a rubber outsole with herringbone traction. The Dunk High comes in more than 20 colorways, making it the perfect lifestyle shoe that pairs well with everyday outfits.

The Nike Dunk High collaborations

Nike's first-ever collaborations with streetwear labels were unveiled at the end of last year, along with a plethora of mystery silhouettes. And while today all that may seem like a far cry, the Nike Dunk High SB x Supreme collaboration was one of the most anticipated sneaker releases of 2017. The collaboration marked a new era in Nike's partnership strategy with streetwear design houses and allowed them to introduce a new type of collection designed around high-performance lifestyle sneakers.

So what exactly is the Nike Dunk High SB x Supreme? Surprisingly, it's not just your average high-top silhouette; it's actually an extremely limited edition pair that is limited to just five pairs worldwide, each having been individually wrapped by Supreme. Each pair is then signed on the heel by Supreme founder James Jebbia, who handpicked specific models for each of these models specifically for this release.

Through their use of quality materials and only using premium leathers from Italy (including tumbled black leather), these colorways are ready for any occasion—whether it be casual or more formal occasions such as weddings or even sleepovers!

The whole collection Nike Dunk High

The whole collection includes the Nike Dunk High Be True, Nike Dunk High Chicago, Nike Dunk High Concord, Nike Dunk High Michigan, Nike Dunk High New York, Nike Dunk High Orange Blaze, and the Nike Dunk High Paris. There is also a special edition called the Nike SB dunk high.

All of these shoes are designed to be very light weight so that it feels like you are walking on air. They have a big sole so that your foot fits in nicely with out feeling constrained. You can get these for men as well as women. Don't miss out on this collection!

All Nike Dunk High models

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