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New Balance 327 Collection

The history of the New Balance 327

The New Balance 327 is one of two silhouettes released as part of the New Balance 327 collection. The other silhouette is the New Balance 373, which is a classic court shoe with a more feminine design.

The design for the New Balance 327 is inspired by an iconic '70s runner that was designed in Flimby, UK called the 320. The NB 327 is a reinterpretation of this 1970’s classic from our archives, and follows the same principles that are still at the heart of each pair made in our Flimby factory today.

The silhouette was designed by our team at Flimby, who put their own spin on this classic by adding some modern detailing and a chunky tooling unit to make it on-trend and ready for action right now!

The characteristics of the New Balance 327

Built with a combination of premium suede, leather and nylon as well as a heavy dose of New Balance heritage, the 327 is offered in two colorways. The first pairs a silver upper with red detailing and grey midsole. The second combines navy blue suede, black nylon, gold accents and a white midsole for an aesthetic that’s slightly more retro-leaning than its predecessor.

On the surface level, these sneakers look like your typical dad shoe: round toe box, bulky silhouette and chunky soles. However — while they may resemble classic NB models from the ‘70s — these modern reinterpretations boast features like breathable mesh undersoles and foam cushioning that make them even more wearable than their archival predecessors. Additionally, the shoes are outfitted with subtle accents like molded N logos on the heels and black heel tabs that have been extended to give wearers easy slip-on access.

The New Balance 327 collaborations

  • New Balance 327 x Clean

Given their shared love for all things retro, it was only a matter of time before New Balance and the Japanese stalwart Clean would team up. The result is a pair of sneakers inspired by the brand's archives. They're both subtle and striking, as well as simple in silhouette but complex in texture. They were designed to be unisex and gender-neutral, with two sizes available (35-38 and 39-42).

  • New Balance 327 x Kith

A mainstay in Kith's designer Ronnie Fieg's creative output has been his collaborations with brands like Sebago, Asics, Disney and Adidas. His latest partnership with New Balance resulted in the release of another limited-edition sneaker called "Ralph". Its inspiration comes from Ralph Lauren (whose name is fittingly printed on the tongue), while its aesthetic is sleek yet sporty—the same look that has become iconic within Kith's extensive collection of apparel.

  • New Balance 327 x Aimé Leon Dore

Aimé Leon Dore is known for its refined take on everyday essentials—and that approach didn't change one bit when it translated into footwear for its collaboration with New Balance. The brand created two colorways for this project: one that features soft colors such as green, yellow and white; the other a neutral palette dominated by grey and off-white tones. Both feature leather accents on the heel counter such as perforated Ns alongside suede uppers and mesh panels on the sides. A contrasting white midsole brings balance to each shoe by adding a familiar athletic touch to otherwise premium sneakers.

The New Balance 327 has a variety of colorways and materials to choose from.

The New Balance 327 isn't just a silhouette that looks great on foot, but it also comes in a variety of colorways, color combinations, and materials. For instance, the shoe features suede-looking panels and mesh-like material. Or you can choose from an array of different colors ranging from purple to red to green. The New Balance 327 is definitely going to be one of the most popular sneakers for 2020.