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Air Jordan 1 Mid Collection

The history of the Air Jordan 1 Mid

As the legend goes, the Air Jordan 1 was a gift from Nike to Michael Jordan after his rookie year in 1984, when he signed with Chicago. The pair featured in this collection is the Air Jordan Mid, which was first released in 1985. The design is similar to that of its elder cousin but has undergone several changes while retaining a familiar silhouette—a classic example of form following function. These changes have made it an excellent shoe for both basketball and streetwear, which is why it remains popular today. It's lightweight, provides great ankle support and comes in an array of classic colorways such as black/red and white/red—the latter being a nod to MJ's college team at UNC.

The characteristics of the Air Jordan 1 Mid

  • The Air Jordan 1 Mid is a mid-top version of the Air Jordan 1
  • The Air Jordan 1 Mid is a lighter version of the Air Jordan 1
  • The Air Jordan 1 Mid is a more affordable and easier to wear version of the original high cut.

The Air Jordan 1 Mid collaborations

  • All the shoes were good
  • the Union and Travis Scott collaborations were really cool, but other people didn't care much for them
  • the Air Jordan 1 x Wotherspoon was really nice, but it wasn't as popular historically as other sneakers I've liked
  • the Virgil Abloh collaboration with Off White was a game changer in terms of footwear design, but others didn't think that way

All Air Jordan 1 Mid models

There's nothing like the classic Air Jordan 1 Mid in your collection. Whether you're looking to sport a clean look or an edgier form, these shoes have it covered. But even though the model is timeless and reliable, its colors are limited, so don't lose hope if you want to add unique twists to your style sense. Here are some ideas for Air Jordan 1 Mid colorways that will bring a signature touch to your look: