How are made sneakers ?

11 Jan 2022
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Sneakers have come a long way since they were invented by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. How sneakers are made ? Are you wondering what's the magic behind it. I will show you how to make them.

Sneakers are made in a factory with a lot of different tools, materials and people. It takes over 200 steps to make a single pair of sneakers.

From start to finish it takes about 7-12 weeks to make a single pair of sneakers. Between 100 to 300 people will work on making one single pair of sneakers.

  1. The design comes first
  2. The fabric is assembled into the upper part of the sneaker (the part that goes around your foot).
  3. After that, the upper part is joined with the sole.
  4. Quality is checked and they're boxed up and sent out.

Design process

From sketches to prototypes.

The first step in creating a sneaker is the design and engineering process. The designer will typically create a sketch of what they envision the sneaker to be based on their research, and then share this with the rest of the team.

Once everyone feels good about the direction, the sketch will be taken into a 3D modeling program where it can be refined and analyzed before production begins. Testing and analyzing.

Once there's a prototype, it goes through performance testing to see if it meets the standards we set during development. This includes comfort, fit and durability tests as well as real-world testing with runners to collect feedback on any changes we might need to make.

Production process

Preparing to manufacture.

When the sneaker has passed all of our tests, we'll start preparing for full production by identifying where we want to manufacture it (sometimes this is the same place, but sometimes we source different aspects of the project from different locations around the world) and decide how many units should be produced for launch day.

Once the very basic prototype is ready, it gets manufactured focusing on all details like laces, shoelace holes etc. After manufacturing, it gets tested for its usability and comfort level that is concerned with walking or jogging.

Ramping up and starting full production.

This part of the process happens once everything is ready to go — factories begin producing shoes at scale for launch day or whenever our first shipments need to go out. Listening to feedback

Quality Check

And Finishing Products: After testing it through different set parameters, it gets released into the market after having passed all quality checks.

In conclusion, you are now aware that making sneakers is complicated, but new technology makes it easier to create them. Sneakers are inspired by various things and each sneaker has its own unique story!

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